About VSI – Our Team

Hector (Owner): With almost 40 years of experience in the security and law enforcement industry, Hector has an extensive background in surveillance techniques and investigations. These include: security operations, set-up, hiring, training and management of security operations as well as extensive experience in night clubs and bars. Hector has not only run security operations of 80,000 to 100,000 capacity stadiums all over the country, but has also body guarded some of the worlds most famous high profile celebrities and respected public figures.

Leone (Lee): Lee led a prestigious 25 year career with the FBI as he held positions such as the commander of the Chicago Organized Crime Taskforce and Program Manager at FBI headquarters. For eight years Lee was the legal attaché in Rome, Italy where he was responsible for FBI liaison with law enforcement and judicial officials in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Subsequent to his FBI retirement, he served as security manager for all of the 1994 World Cup events. In addition to his experience, Lee is fluent in the Italian language, and also holds a law degree (Juris Doctor) from the DePaul School of Law.

Robert: During Robert’s 27 year career with the FBI, he supervised a surreptitious technical services unit and a multi-agency violent crimes unit emphasizing fugitive investigation. As a former member of the elite FBI critical Incident Negation team, Robert’s expertise includes criminal psychology and psychological profiling. He received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Loyola University Chicago as well as a Master of Arts degree in administration from DePaul University Chicago. Robert appears on television and radio as a recognized consultant in the areas of criminal psychology, profiling and violent behavior.

William: As a 28 year FBI veteran, William served as a Bomb technician, hostage negotiator and court-approved terrorism expert in both the US and Canada. In addition, William was a former Vice President of safety and security for one of the largest cable television providers. Today, William’s role is to provide training in areas such as bomb threats, disaster planning and employee terminations.

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