Law Enforcement Intervention

Law enforcement officers protect each and every one of us on a daily basis. They are unsung heroes in the American way of life. Unfortunately, there are unintentional mix-ups, volatile situations, misunderstandings and the like, where law enforcement officials may seem to be against our celebrity and high-profile clients. That is why dealing with law enforcement can often be a sticky situation for these individuals.

Valle Security International provides law enforcement intervention training for security guards. We understand that both law enforcement and security guards are here to protect everyone, however, we train our security guards with the correct bodyguard procedures for every situation. We teach these bodyguards police intervention techniques to get through tough situations where our clients find themselves at odds with the law.

In addition to training law enforcement and security guards with the appropriate bodyguard procedures and police intervention techniques, Valle Security International will also guide clientele in the proper procedures when dealing with law enforcement themselves. We will provide personal contact to discuss the appropriate procedures (both positive and negative) for dealing with law enforcement which will help make the client knowledgeable about intervention with law enforcement should an incident occur.

If you’re in need of help to protect celebrities and high-profile people from possible mistreatment by law enforcement officers contact Valle Security International today.