Sports Player Protection

Have you previously seen these headlines?

  • “NBA PLAYER Arrested with Gun in Car”
  • “NFL Player Arrested for Murder”
  • “MLB Baseball Player Arrested for beating his Spouse”
  • “NFL Player Arrested for DUI.”

 valle security Stanley cup




Although these are the types of incidents that occur everyday in professional sports, they could be avoided or minimized by picking up the phone or emailing us to use our services.

Security consultation or intervention by my team of specialists makes a difference. We can educate a professional athlete on how to interact with law enforcement, intervene on their behalf should a problem develop, and can also provide personal bodyguard services to shield an athlete from any bad elements in the world that could arise. At Valle Security, we not only provide protection to the athlete, but also put a security plan in place for their home.

What effect do these mishaps or a lawsuit have on a career? Many times it can be devastating to a player both financially and personally. These mishaps can also hurt contract negotiations, personal finances and even cause a negative effect on that player’s team and/or family. Valle Security strongly believes in confidentiality for its customers and therefore our service agreement contains a confidentiality clause designed to ensure the athlete’s privacy.