Strike Security

At Valle Security International, we understand that no one wants to endure a labor dispute; not you, not your employees and especially not your customers. However, each year there are employees and businesses who unfortunately fail to reach the labor agreements necessary to continue work as normal. Therefore, we offer high-risk executive protection services and labor dispute security to make sure your executives, employees, equipment, operations, customers and products are safe from any unpredicted incidents.

The fact is that labor disputes can get heated causing people to do something that he or she would normally not do. However, Valle Security International can supply you with strike security and executive protection security to help prevent such unexpected occurrences. By providing these services, we can help you avoid further business interruptions and therefore allow you to continue with your business as you normally would.

Should there be an incident, we work with both trained and experienced off-duty law enforcement officers as well as video surveillance equipment to aid in the protection of your property. Our security personnel ensure protection to workers and deliveries in and out of your facility and can include truck and vehicle escorts too.

Contact us to learn more about our strike security and executive protection security services.