Disaster Relief & Security

With thousands of Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi residents returning to their hurricane ravaged towns in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, peace throughout the area became a precious commodity. Therefore, Valle Security International provided them with a team of experts to help residents and business-owners in Katrina’s most devastated areas.

“During this difficult time for the families who survived the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina, Valle Security International has been fortunate enough to lend a helping hand,” says Hector Garcia, president of Valle Security International.

Garcia, along with a dedicated team of off-duty Chicago police officers and a Chicago-based K-9 unit were aiding in the damaged areas for weeks after the horrific natural disaster. Not only were they able to provide much needed armed security, but they also played a role in assisting with keeping the peace.

Local security was a hot button issue across local and national radar screens. With the communities rebuilding both brick by brick and life by life, Garcia and his team were there to ensure and supply tight security.

“Our goal is to make sure people are free to try to rebuild their lives without having to deal with looters, criminals and violent offenders,” Garcia explains.

As the events rolled out across all news channels, it was clear to the public eye that the effected residents were thankful for all of the donations of time, money, food and services from across the country.