Electronic Debugging

Inline image 1Are you sure that your company’s classified information is being protected? Have you ever discussed vital contract information or the latest product development—thinking that you were doing it with the strictest of corporate confidentiality—only to find out later that this confidential information was suddenly public knowledge? If you’ve answered “yes” to one of both of these you may have been the victim of corporate espionage.

In today’s dog-eat-dog world of big business, companies big and small will do anything they can to gain an edge on the competition. That means they might have their sights set on you: learning what you’re up to, what your latest and greatest product will be, how your finances are doing, and more!

Like the pests that they are, they will gain entrance to your company by having bugs put into your phones and other electronic devices, under your desks, in your plants and more. Through Valle Security International we can protect your corporate confidentiality with a debugging sweep.

Whether it be an electronic debugging of your office phone lines or of a conference room prior to an important meeting, Valle Security International can perform this service at anytime to ensure that you are negotiating in complete corporate confidentiality.

This anti-bug sweep will find any and all bugs you may have hidden in your office. We will debug the phone, the plants, the walls, the desks and everything else. Our experts have the experience, equipment and know-how to perform an anti-bug sweep of your personal office, conference room, employee desks and more. After all, will you know what you’re looking for when you try to debug the phone yourself?

Don’t assume your information is safe. Call Valle Security International NOW to make sure your information is 100% confidential.