Security Consulting

Although today’s heightened sense of terrorist threats have many on edge, traditional security measures against robbery, theft and violent crimes still need to be addressed.

Therefore, the experienced team of security consultants from Valle Security International are here to offer our security consulting services to you. Whether you want us to check out the security plan and system at your personal residence or would like us to perform a threat assessment at your business, we have services customized for you.

Valle Security International provides experienced, professional security consultation services and risk assessments for all your security needs.

We offer the following:

  • On-Site security surveys
  •  Internal security formats
  • Electronic and network security measures
  • Pre-construction security consultation
  • Commercial, campus and hospital security surveys and assessments
  • Threat assessment and evaluation
  • Corporate business surveillance
  • Private investigation

Whether you’re running a business that needs to protect its employees or you want around-the-clock security at your personal residence, we can help you. By providing you with our security risk assessment services, surveillance contracting, private investigation and other services, we can decipher whether your business or residence is adequately prepared for any security threat.

If you are interested in a consultation for your home or business, please contact Valle Security International today.