Corporate Investigation

At Valle Security International, we understand that employment issues arise in your business. Whether you need to deliver some unfortunate layoffs or a labor dispute results in a strike, our corporate protection services have helped many businesses overcome these difficult times. After all, these situations can often lead to heated moments, where impulsive behaviors can result in harm to remaining employees or damage to equipment.

To help prevent such regrettable instances, Valle Security International specializes in providing off-duty law enforcement professionals for labor strikes and other events. Who better to lend you corporate protection services than a well-trained, professional off-duty law enforcement officer?

Our off-duty officers are highly skilled and prepared for any situation. Both from us and in their professional careers, these off-duty police officers have seen firsthand what can happen in such situations. Each off-duty cop is trained for the unpredictable environment of business and employee issues.

If you need an off-duty cop or you want more information on how our off-duty police officers can help you, contact us. With Valle Security International, we’ll keep you, your employees and your business safe.